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White Chocolate Apricot Sourdough

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White Chocolate Apricot Sourdough

I made two experimental doughs yesterday.  The winner by a landslide was the White Chocolate Apricot Sourdough.

I really loaded it down with white chocolate chunks and chopped dried apricots.  I was afraid it was going to come out too heavy, but it rose quite nicely.

The only fault was that I had the oven too hot for a sweet bread, so the bottoms of the loaves came out a bit blackened.

Still, this one is a huge winner.

I know I've seen someone else use the white chocolate and apricot pairing somewhere, but I can't find it on the site or in any of the baking books I have easy access to (some are in storage), but still... a hat tip to my unknown inspiration.  This one is delicious!


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Look who's getting wild and crazy with his baking!  Must be that Vancouver air :).  Nice to see you expressing yourself with such a nice tasty bread.  I have not tried white chocolate in bread before and you have gone and convinced me to add it to the list.  Great job Floyd.

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Ha!  My wife likes it, but I'm normally not a white chocolate fan -- the dark the chocolate, the better, I say -- but this combo is sweet.  I absolutely love the way the dried apricots rehydrated a bit in the dough.  Man... I think I'm going to go grab another slice right now! 

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Hi Floyd,

I had to chuckle at your bottom crust shot.  I have had my fair share of loaves with similar problems too :0  Luckily I have a neighbor who loves burned bread so none goes to waste.

I can well imagine that this was a big hit.  I would never had though of choc and apricots so thanks for the inspiration.  It is odd that I keep a YW made from apricots yet I rarely use apricots in my fruited loaves.  Not sure why but I tend towards raisins, figs, dates, currants, cherries or prunes.  I do add them to Christmas breads but now will expand my horizons thanks to you.

Take Care,


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I've seen white chocolate sourdough posted here numerous times, and it seems to be popular. Yours looks delicious, Floyd! Now with some manipulation you can avoid the burnt bottom. I haven't tried chocolate in bread, but you guys give me reasons to go wild.