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Sourdough Pancakes..... Success!!!!

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Maureen Farndell

Sourdough Pancakes..... Success!!!!

So you all know how I have been going on about pancakes (crumpets/flapjacks) and scones....... like a real ninny whining about a recipe...... Well here they are and I will never make ordinary pancakes/crumpets again!!!!!!!

This is the starter ready to go.


With the eggs and other ingredients added. Some baking powder in there and it frothed up like a puff ball!

Served warm with a blob of butter and lashings of maple syrup.

This was hubbies idea..... Banana sandwich with a liberal shake of cinnamon sugar!

I have never seen anything get devoured soooo fast! If anyone wants the details, just comment here and I'll post the recipe but it's just oh-so-easy!


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 recipe--yes, yes and yes again, please! They look so good.

The ones I've tried in the past always seem too moist. Silverton's waffles on the other hand are lofty and delicious.Have considered trying pancakes with that recipe but once it is mixed up, the waffle iron beckons.

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Maureen Farndell

The recipe is posted! I hope it all makes sense. Just cook them on the first side till the wet glossy look is gone and then flip them. They will be cooked through and only need to get a golden colour on the other side. I was very pleased with the results!

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That's what I had for breakfast this morning! I've been using a recipe posted by SylviaH some time ago. It's my favorite, but I eliminate the salt and cut down on the sugar.


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Maureen Farndell

No sugar here but maple syrup or honey. Much better alternative I think. I used salted butter so the reduced the amount of salt by half, could be left out altogether. I'm not sure about the baking powder yet. I need to make it a few more times and tweek the recipe to taste.