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Just a freestyle sourdough loaf!

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Just a freestyle sourdough loaf!

Hi all! Been a while since my last post; didn't do many breads last month. Mostly pita and naan-breads, Turkish pizza etc. 

My sourdough culture had been dormant in the refridgerator for a while, so I decided to refresh it again. After half a day it was getting active again. 

But since it was also almost midnight, I decided to refresh the sourdough again, but also make a dough with part of it (before the 2nd refresh). So I wrote up a formula; 25% ww flour, 75% flour, 2% salt, 70% water. Calculated for 1 kg total weight. Replaced 80 grams flour and 80 grams water with 160 grams (100% hydr) sourdough. Kneaded with mixer. 

Covered and let rise for about 8 hours. Next morning dough was shaped in a batard, and left to proof in a banneton. Final proof took about 4-5 hours. Baked for 30 minutes on a baking stone with steam. Then 10 minutes in oven off with door left ajar. 

It was a very tasty bread! Especially with some butter.


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It looks beautiful, maximus!

Welcome back,