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Bio-Buchweizenbrot / organic buckwheat bread from Bernd Bakery

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Bio-Buchweizenbrot / organic buckwheat bread from Bernd Bakery

The buckwheat, to my surprise reduced the grainy flavor of the bread relative to other whole grain breads. It had a nice nutty flavor. The loaf was dense but nice. I should've been more careful in following directions! I didn't follow keeping the oven open the last 5 minutes the crust became a bit too crusty!

Here's the link to the recipe on Bernd's Bakery, note the recipe first starts in German, followed by the English version. Great site! I was really impressed with the level of details on creating bread cultures - take a look!



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made with a YW and SD comb levian!  What is the bread baking world coming to?  I would have thought the bread would be much more open with that much YW being used.  I'll have to go back and look at the timing to get a better idea.  It had to be a nice tasting loaf!  Well done and

Happy baking!

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Well, I probably didn't wait long enough for the yeast water. It usually takes me about 3 tried to get it right. My family likes the flavor but made similar comments on the crumb.

But the flavor is incredible!

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the bread sounds awesome. buckwheat flavor should be really good, I remember I had some pasta in Switzerland made with buckwheat. And I am sure you will make it more often and get the crumb right, soon, no worries.,,