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YW sweet levain boule KF style, take 2

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YW sweet levain boule KF style, take 2

This morning's bake was exactly the same as my last bake of this type:

The only difference was trying to get my shaping tighter. Getting there, but still needs work. I will give another half loaf away and bake one off again tomorrow. People are always happy to receive my bread and making people happy makes me feel good.

This made delicious sandwich! I guess there were a couple of changes, I put the extra YW in the fridge overnight to use this morning and I think it developed greater flavour and character. It sure did look robust!

Today's sandwich was smoked chicken, home cured and smoked c=bacon, lettuce and tomato with lots of mayo and Rene's Garlic Caesar dressing. Great sandwich!

I smoked a whole chikcken for dinner last night, brined it overnight, rested in the fridge for the day, gae it a dry rub and smoked @ 225F with hickory and maple until an internal temperature of 140F, then onto a hot grill for 5 - 10 minutes per side to crisp the skin and back into the smoker @ 275F until the internal temperature reached 165F. Rest for 20 minutes or so and OH MY!

Happy eating folks! Brian


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seam side up crust of all time!  That alone would make anyone want some of that bread!  That combo cooker really does a good job at putting a crust on  bread.  The crumb has YW all over it and, as a combo levain, it is really starting to get there too!  Well done!  The sandwich looks delicious and the chicken had to be too!

Happy baking Ski!

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. . . greatly enjoying working with the YW and will do my second refresh today. It  is fizzing like fresh ginger ale and the smell is starting to get deeper and more complex.  with both the YW levain and mixed levain bake, the dough felt almost fully developed by the second fold and was most extensible. Even at a hydration of 77% the dough worked beautifully!

I have a YW batch of pulla on the go. I have done it with the sweet levain before, but I figure this recipe is ideal for YW a the dough is enriched with sugar, egg and butter. The idea is to mix, develop, bulk and hour, do a couple of folds, then when it is nearly double divide, braid, proof and bake. This dough got about 2.5 times in an hour and after the stretch I had to retard it in the fridge. Hey I wanted to ski this afternoon. We got instant winter the last 2 days and now have nearly a foot of snow on the ground and I am one happy skibum!

Thanks again for the YW help dab!  Ski

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Another nice bake, but that smoked chicken sounds mouth watering.  I haven't made one in a while so I think I might have to give it a go this weekend.  Those are some mighty interesting caverns you have going on in your bread :), but I'm sure the chicken didn't mind much!


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. . . first time I have smoked a whole chicken as my smoker is fairly new. I think I ate about half the bird last night and think it actually got better overnight. Between the fresh bread, home smoked bacon and chicken, that was one fine tasting club house sandwich.

I worked really hard to get my folds to seal while shaping and I am pretty sure a normal SD loaf would have had a more uniform crumb. Wow, this yeast water is a potent leavening agent!

Cheers, Brian