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Nov 4, Russian Rye

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Nov 4, Russian Rye

It's been a while since I've used a recipe for bread. Is this something that anyone else does? I know that as a baker, one should not avoid measurements, but sometimes it's just so much faster to throw things together. I would have stopped if I got bad results, but unfortunately, the recipe-less breads are quite nice. 


I've been trying to work on my ears. They always come out a little toothy, so it's not as clean as I would want them. Any suggestions on how to get cleaner-looking ears?


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That is some serious grigne that many would be envious of.  I think you're doing it just right.  Beautiful bloom with the three different colors while attaining a beautiful ear with a burnt edge.  Doesn't get much better than that.  What do you mean by toothy?  Crunchy?  I'd love to see a picture of a slice and what type of loaf we have here?  Russian Rye is generally a hi ratio of rye flour that would deffinately not spring like this.  Love it though

Very nice


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Absolutely gorgeous bread, but that doesn't resemble a Russian Rye at all :)