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Spelt Bread

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Spelt Bread


Decided to pick-up a bag of spelt flour and try a loaf. I eased into it with only 50% spelt for my first go. Here is the recipe and a crumb shot to follow when the bread cools completely. I also used some of my bread crumbs here in response to the other thread about making use of old bread. I dried out the old bread but made sure it didnt toast. Then used the food processor to make coarse bread crumbs out of it. Rolled the top in the crumbs and when it baked it toasted the crumbs and makes for a nice crunchy crust. Its like having toast on the outside of your bread.


100g Spelt

125g Water

0.5g Yeast, Instant

Let ferment overnight


280 Water

All of poolish from last night

mix to loosen-up the poolish

189g Spelt

289g Flour, Bread (~12.5% protein)

12g Salt, Kosher

5g Yeast, Instant

Mix into a smooth dough.

Let rise intill doubled. Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees F. Shape dough. Roll top of dough on wet cloth. Then roll dough in homemade bread crumbs (or store bought panko bread crumbs). Place into brotform, top side down, and let rise intill doubled. Place risen bread into pre-heated cast-iron double cooker and score top of bread. Place in oven and cover with other half of pre-heated cast iron cooker. Let bake covered for 20 min. Uncover and bake for an additional 10 to 15 min. Remove and let cool.

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Really nice looking loaf and crumb.  What did you think of the flavour?

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The taste is good. Sometimes whole wheat can have a bitter note to the flavor. The spelt didnt. So, flavor was like whole wheat with a lighter flavor and no bitterness. Overall it made a really nice loaf of bread and the bread crumb crust was a nice addition to a soft loaf.

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Neat!  I've been tinkering with spelt a bit recently, but I haven't gone higher than 10-15% yet.  I may have to give this a shot, because I'm intrigued by your description of the taste.

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is 33% whole spelt, 33% whole wheat and 33% white flour.  

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What is the other 1% ? :)

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HA !!!!!!!!!

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Love the bread crumb crust.

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Beautiful loaf.  I love the crumb crust too.  Now I have a new idea to try on my loaves that uses recycled bread.  :)

Take Care,


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Mini Oven

Did an overnight soaker

  • 200g spelt flour
  • 100g AP
  • 50g hemp hearts
  • 50g Rogers dark rye flour
  • 300g boiled and cooled water

Next morning added

  • 100g flat sourdough discard (100% hydration very sour with little yeast)
  • one package of instant rapid yeast (11g)  then when well dispersed mix in
  • 10g salt  
  • tipped out and slowly worked in 100g of Italian AP Wheat while kneading and let it rest 30 minutes

Folded and shaped the dough, covered with a wet towel, scored and baked 420°F when it looked like it had almost doubled the volume.  A tasty combination.  Soft toasting bread also with lots of spelt flavour and a fine crumb.  Much like your loaf but mine was not as pretty.  I like the crumb idea on the outside and using a bread form would have helped me too.