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Cheese and Chives

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Maureen Farndell

Cheese and Chives

Well was if worth the extra effort?????? All that extra effort of chopping fresh chives and parsley?

No not really. The fresh chives and parsley did nothing to improve what was already a super tasting loaf. Let me hasten to add they did not detract from the flavour but nor did they add any distinctive nuance either. Maybe dried herbs would bring their flavour across but fresh did not cope with the process very well. So I have come to the conclusion that you can't fix something that is not broken, so leave it alone! 

As usual I did my 75% hydration in a pot and I seem to have this recipe down pat now so I'm not going to change it..... just maybe focus on the 95% which is a bit of a challenge. All that is needed is a variation in baking time. 

Just to practice my new posting skills - I'm posting the photo's of this loaf. 

After the 3X stretch and fold. Ready to proof.

Proofed and scored. Ready for the pot.

The result cooling. I love the texture. Fresh with butter and a good bowl of hot soup......... Mmmm.

Happy Baking!


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What am amazing looking loaf. Looks scrummy. A meal in itself almost. Just a smidgen of Branston Pickle on the side would make the perfect lunch. My stomach is growling just thinking about it. 



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What a nice post! Your SD looks fantastic. I would love to have some soup to go with that as well!  Enjoy your bread!  Your photos look great!

Warm Regards,


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This looks great.  Fun to read what you are up to in your kitchen. I know it made a huge difference for me when I found a 'base' formula to work off of too.

 I found that the extra work with fresh vs dried spices pretty similar too so now use dried simply because of storage and waste.  Penzey Spices seem to have the freshest spices around so I have been pleased with using them instead of spices of off my local grocery store shelf.

Next time you bake with cheese - try tossing in some sesame seeds - toasted or raw.  They add a great flavor too.  I discovered that combination in one of my favorite baking books and have been more than pleased with the results.

Thanks for the post!



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I think you are right you do have the 75% hydration  DO loaf down pat.  Now get some bacon in that cheese loaf and you will notice the difference that chives and parsley did not provide! 

Can't wait to see your next attempt at the ciabatta.

Happy Baking.