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Loaves Fell On The Floor! Can They Be Saved?

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Vicious Babushka

Loaves Fell On The Floor! Can They Be Saved?

I made Peter Reinhart's Pain Au Levain, an overnight ferment, and then let the boules rise in the fridge all day.

Then, when they were on the peel ready to be placed in the oven, they slid off the peel and became totally flat!

I scooped up the sad deflated loaves and stuck them in the oven anyway, and here they are.

Kind of misshapen. :(

Here is the crumb: It is kind of dense because the loaves got all degassed when they crashed.


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Looks like they were made for fall. That could almost be a pun ;). I am glad you saved them. nthey have a. Golden leaf shape to them.  I know you had to be disappointed But you did not give up.  Enjoy that beautiful bread.

Warm Regards,


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fall out of the fridge on the floor when i opened the door.  They were cold and still in the baskets so not as much damage. -but still.    Another reason to retard.  No worries, the bread will taste fine!

Better, more happy baking next time for sure!

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They don't look at all bad for their fall. The last time this happened to me (it's happened more than once) the final loaf was a write-off...

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Pain à la Madoff...,


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just had to say, this happened to me once as well! One minute they were sitting on the peel, about to be loaded, then an accidental 90 degree flick of the wrist later, they were on the floor...

I don't know what was louder, the plop as they landed or my scream :))

Yours look beautiful though. Like two puzzles pieces :)