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10/29 Bake

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10/29 Bake

Made a few loaves of Sourdough with Sprouted Whole Wheat Flour again. One loaf the rolls were for a small Dinner Party with a few of my Wife's workmates.

This one has Dried Cherries in it….

and the rolls…….

Pork Belly rubbed with brown sugar, toasted ground fennel seed, and ancho chili powder. Then it is briased in beer for a few hours, good stuff.

Everyone have a safe and happy Candy Day.




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Your bread looks stellar as usual.  Bread, brisket and beer braise all have to be tasty.  Well done Wing and happy baking!


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Wow! As if the crust o. The breads weren't enougH, you go and through that gorgeous meat in he pics!  What a feast fir my eyes.  I think they are all wonderful. The spring is so nice with with your sprouted wheat.  

Warm Regards,


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Wingnut:  Looks wonderful.  Can you share the base recipe?  Best,  CAphyl

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Faith in Virginia

Where did Wingnut get those giant seeds???  Second thought...that's a roll not a loaf...

Beautiful as always.


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Beautiful loaves and rolls and I LOVE the pork! I have an idea and that is to braise a chunk of pork in beer and then finish it on the smoker. Did you brine your pork, ( silly question, I know)? What do you think dab? I believe this could have possibilities . . . And we have another project I am excited to try!

Happy eating!  Brian

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Did not brine. I would smoke first then braise, but that is me.


Cheers to all for the kind words.



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between.  One one hand you might want to soak in beer for a day in the fridge to plump it up before applying the rub and letting it sit in the fridge before smoking  - I'm leaning that way or soaking it  simmering beer with onions afterwards like you wouldd a grilled brats but this isn't grilling and I.m thinking that the crust, burnt ends etc would ruined and that great smoked flavor watered down.  So I go for - soaking  before rub then smoke.