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Yeast water boule, Forkish style again

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Yeast water boule, Forkish style again

Well I got a successful yeast water culture going and it is bubbling and fizzing like a can of Vernor's ginger ale! A big shout out to dabrownman for pmi'ng me detailed instructions, followed to the tee. I baked this exactly as the last sd boule only using YW to build the levain. The dough felt immediately different -- more extensible and felt nearly fully developed after the second set of S&F's. Nice volume, nice open crumb and very mild flavour and great chew - almost too mild, so I guess I have come to appreciate the flavour profile of my sweet levain!

I think this is some of the nicest looking crumb I have baked. Anyhow here is my new tool in the kitchen, a nice healthy fizzing yeast water!

Thanks again dab!  You are DMAN!!!

Happy baking folks! Brian




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the crumb on all of her heavy,100% whole grain, German breads we love so much and love better with addition of YW woith the SD levain!

Your bread looks perfect in every way and better than any straight up YW bread I have ever baked.  This is a fantastic achievement.  Now you are ready for YW baggies with hemp seeds Ski!  Few have tried them and all have failed :-)

Way to go - so well done!  I just posted a primer for how to start YW per Josh's recommendation - take a look and see what needs fixing!

Happy baking Ski!

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. . . primer. Nothing will need fixing. You have it dialed and describe your methods of work very well! Thanks dab, your are DMAN!!!!! :-)

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Wow!  Absolutely beautiful.

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You are making me blush! Same again proof seam side down in a SS mesh collander lined with lined 2x linen, proofed to the  KF finger poke test, scored a crescent once again again the seam I thought most likely to open and bake in the HOT cast Lodge combo cooker and this is the third loaf in a row done in this way that has turned out a pretty interesting appearance. I am getting great spring in my small 300g flour boules. The shape and size are perfect for sandwiches. My SD or levain experience since last June has been excellent and I look forward to more YW experiments!

Best regards, Brian

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Hi Brian,

Looks like you nailed this one!  A beauty and I am so glad you tried the YW with your leaven.  I now use YW for all leaven builds to take the sour down a notch on my 100% whole grain loaves.  It is a great tool to have at ones disposal. 

I have found though that if I add YW to the loaf as well as to the leaven I really have to watch things or else I get really soupy dough….just too much life in the dough so long bulk ferments have to be monitored carefully and the refrigerator used liberally :)

Thanks for the post!


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This was NOT the same as the last boule bake. I used NO instant yeast in this bake, just YW levain. I will try remember to care for my sweet starter. But wow, I am blown away by the first YW results! I am an instant YW fan. More to come shortly. :-)

Happy baking folks. Also happy eating! Brian

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This is one beautiful loaf, Ski. excellent crumb structure and profile.


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for your kind comments. The flavour profile is still quite young but there is no denying the yeast water's ability to rise a loaf. Perhaps the best rise and crumb I have seen! Regards, Brian

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this looks so good!  The boule has such spring that it lookalike a delicious cotton candy.  I am so impressed by the crust and crumb.  I may try to find timers do ay east water.  What a nice achievement!

Warm Regards,


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You will definitely want to try the yest water. I can't believe the rise & volume of this loaf from 300g flour!

Happy baking, Brian

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Love the crumb shot.  Beautiful boule.  

Happy Halloween,


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Happy Haloween to you! b