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Three weekend bakes

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Three weekend bakes

After two weeks of travel and eating out, it was super nice this weekend to be back in my kitchen and able to eat at home.  I celebrated by baking three batches of bread.

The first, pictured above, was a 60% whole wheat, 13% spelt sourdough (73% hydration).  It was good, though a bit grainier than what my family typically likes.  Still, we enjoyed it.

I also made a batch of Hokkaido Milk Bread.

And a batch of Saffron Buns.

Pure comfort food, warm and buttery and slightly sweet.  Just right for cool fall days and getting settled back home.




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Welcome home. Okay I am going to have to try the Hokkaido Milk bread and the saffron buns --  if I can find saffron.

Regards, Brian

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And some lovely bakes.  The crumb of the wholegrain looks great.  Milk bread looks like a pillow.  I'm gonna have to check out that formula.  

Nice Baking


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Looks great, you have a very lucky family with those treats. Bet they were delicious. 



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The whole wheat sourdough has a really lovely crumb! saffron and hokkaido milk loaves are lovely too.

It is good to be back home.


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are two good things.  Very nice baking Floyd!  Now get back to work and fix tour blog that has OldWoddenSpoons Recent Blog Entries on the right side of this page instead of yours :-)  When you look it will be someone else's...

Happy baking

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and thanks - but your bread is better !