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getting more flavor in my pizza dough

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getting more flavor in my pizza dough

hello friends,

I am trying to get some sourness in my pizza dough. We make 25# flour batches and use vitamin c, malt, yeast, salt and of course water. We also use day old dough. we do not have the space to long proof the dough. It is used the same day. Is there anything that we could add that would give it more of a complex flavor?


Thanks so much



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How whats the percentage of "old dough"  used?  How is it stored?  Do you use any other pre ferments?  If cold retarding dough is out of the question there are other options.  Adding a pre ferment or increasing the old dough are the first two thoughts.  Decreasing the amount of yeast and lengthening the bulk ferment is another.  Lastly adding different grain if it is a whole white dough could also improve flavor/add sourness.  Let me know a bit more and we can come up with a few things that would work for your space.


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Thank you for your reply,

we make 25# batches of dough. We do not have the ability to cold ferment, and we could add more old dough

the recipe is as follows

12# of flour

7500 grams of water

217 grams compressed yeast

24 grams malt

47 grams vitamin C

9# old dough


290 grams kosher salt

we mix this for 10 minutes total on a 60qt hobart with cold water.