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Wedding Cake Questions? I can help!

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Wedding Cake Questions? I can help!


Hi All! Just posting my most recent wedding cake.


Vanilla Yellow Cake (5 layers) with Italian Meringue Buttercream

(used Nielsen Massey Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste in the cake - then Nielsen Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract in the Buttercream)

Also - all edible flowers. Calla Lilies, Carnations, Trumpet Flowers, Babies Breath, and Leaves. All were made out of gumpaste. Sculpted, Dried, Luster Dusted, and Steamed.

Have any questions about icings? Flowers? Ask away :)

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Very nice work on the cake, clean and precise. 

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Is the whole thing eatable?

Would you share your recipee for the fondant?


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Now this is one fabulous looking cake, well done!


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The best wedding cake I have ever seen. Sure that I’ll call you one of these days :)

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thanks everyone!None of this is actually fondant! The icing is simply itatlian meringue buttercream -just smoothed very precisely.

Flowers are made out of gumpaste - which i normally buy the Wilton Gumpaste Powdered Mix (from their website) a lot can go a long way! Making the paste by hand can be temperamental and very expensive. Just follow their directions exactly, and you'll be able to work with it well - make the mix a couple days prior and plastic wrap it/then bag it tightly and store it in the cooler until you need to use it (pull it out the morning of when you're planning on using it!)