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95% hydration. But I have a question!!!

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Maureen Farndell

95% hydration. But I have a question!!!

Yesterday I made a 95% hydration loaf in my pot using Jason's Coccodrillo chiabatta recipe, but using a sourdough starter boosted with yeast. 

I was a stunning loaf when it came out the oven with amazing oven spring but as it cooled it dropped. I understand that the escaping steam will drop the bread but this seemed a bit much. Why did the gluten not hold it's shape? Should it have cooked longer? The crumb is soft and spongy and totally delicious, so at the end of the day the taste is what counts and personally I don't mind that it dropped - I just want to know why........

1 hour proof.

2 hour proof.

Divided into two and waiting for the pot.

Out the oven. Beautiful and good oven spring.

Cooled and all that "lift" has gone.


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Sounds to me like maybe it could have been baked a bit further although looks wouldn't say so.  But if it collapsed after the bake that sounds about right.  Next time you might consider taking the loaf out of the pot and baking a bit further to darken the sides which look a bit blonde and is probably where/why it sagged.  Looks delicious to me.  I bake my ciabatta to near blackness as it tastes so good when its red/black but I do like boldly baked bread. 

Hope this helps


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Maureen Farndell

Thanks Josh. I agree it should have had a longer bake. It's the first time working with such a high hydration so the timeline will be part of the learning experience. It did taste fabulous ........