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We 3 gmas baked "Starbucks"

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We 3 gmas baked "Starbucks"

Hello, this week we had a really fun bake! We made copycat desserts from our favorite coffee shop. Starting out in the state known for its great coffee... with the sister known for her great baking... Barbra's Cranberry Bliss, leads in this post.  Barb made this beauties despite the illness of her KA Pro... she persevered and bought a smaller KA and completed the bake with grace.

 A very good looking cookie that looks more like a scone... She mentioned that this is a very sweet treat, and that it would be best to cut each of these triangles into thirds and serve it with a nice strong espresso! Looking lovely I say.

Helen followed with a Pumpkin Spice Scone...

Now you have to admit those look better than the ones in the coffee shop... Helen said they are crazy good! She tasted one and immediately pronounced them "ridiculous!"... I may have to drive a bit to taste one... I asked her to save me one... LOL.

I made the treat I love to wait each year for... the Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins... in the coffee shop they made them cupcake sized... ah posh! I made mine muffin sized and they are amazingly good... 

 Here they are ready to go into the oven.

And here they are finished.


The taste is awesome... the fun in making all this is that if you add up what the coffee shops charge for each piece we made... we could probably pay for our supplies at least four times over.  The real fun is baking with my sisters... with the holidays coming... there will be lots of baking. Great baking my sisters.

Looking forward to next week. We will be making the bread from the following link:

Wish us luck, while we wish you a happy Halloween.

Barbra, Diane and Helen

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making me pine for Ireland with the scones and the muffin pumpkin cheese cakes are to die for.  My old company used to deliver everything to Starbucks except the coffee beans and i have to say that i got addicted to all of their deserts.  never tasted one that wasn't fantastic even though they were frozen.  We delivered to SB at night and let the pastries thaw out in the store so that when the crew came in, in  the morning, they were just perfect.  I have to admit being addicted to their chocolate and coffee killer snacks.  I here they are thinking about getting rid of these treats but not having them would be a very, very, serious hit in their sales.  They are too good to discontinue just becasue they are so decadent and unhealthy.  I say limit ourselves to 2 a day and not worries for us or them :-)

Everything the GMA's make now a days reminds me of the holidays so I need to get Lucy out looking for some new treat to make fro Halloween!  

Great baking all the way around! Now Lucy has to make some kind of desert!

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This was really a fun baking day with my sisters. Not a big fan of white chocolate so I think that is what made the Cranberry bars  taste so much sweeter than I expected. I wonder if the Starbucks recipe limited their chocolate to the curls on top? I'm going to try baking them again with "just" the cranberries and crystalized ginger, then instead of the cream cheese frosting plus cranberries plus chocolate curls, just use the lemon/powdered sugar for a drizzle of sweetness and decoration. That will have to wait though until I try both of my sister's pumpkin recipes. Ymm

Thanks for comments, let us know what you decide for your Halloween treats.

The Jameson Irish Whiskey is ready for the raisins and lemon peels in next  week's bake. My assistant keeps licking the label and is trying to convince me that the Labrador family really did come from Ireland.

Happy Baking!

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Jamesons is on sale at Safeway this week for $16 a fifth!  I haven't had the chance to think about Halloween treats yet but I'm getting in the spirit - The Jamesons should help some :-)  Here is a treat