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how to create more flavor in a pizza dough

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how to create more flavor in a pizza dough

Hello fellow Loafers!

I run 4 pizza restaurants and am trying to get more complex flavor in our dough. Our pizza a a thin crust baked in a gas/electric oven at 525 degrees.

we use a same day dough with some of the previous days dough added.

the ingredients are the following


fresh yeast


vitamin C


previous days dough.

thanks everyone!!!

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A real easy way that I've learned is to make your pizza dough a day ahead and retard overnight.  Makes it easier to handle and stretch as well as add more flavor.  What percentage of the dough is "old dough"?  Increasing this if its low may be an alternative as well if you don't want to work with cold dough.  What kind of flour do you use? 

Couple ideas


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I've had some good luck like Golgi by using an overnight retard, too.  

I also had a really good tasting crust from replacing the water in the recipe with an equal amount of beer.  For some reason, though, this seems to make the crust a little drier and crisper, so I added a few tablespoons of olive oil as well to tenderize the dough.  


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I will need to do this soon. It's probably crispier because of the carbonation, a bump of added dissolved gas.

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Song Of The Baker

The #1 way to add flavour to pizza dough for me is to incorporate some whole wheat or whole grain flours to the formula.