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Chewy and moisty honey flavored bread receipe?

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Chewy and moisty honey flavored bread receipe?

Hi guys/gals. I just made my second bread the other day and loved it how simple and relaxing is! (my "first" bread was some leftovers i had when making also my first time ever pizza dough!)

Now i'd like some honey flavored bread but i want it to be chewy and moisty on the inside. What kind of recipe should i look?



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Mini Oven

It makes for great learning experience to take the same recipe and tweak one thing to see what happens.  Instead of 150°C try 220°C 


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Thanks for your tip!

More temp, same time? Or more temp, less time? Increasing the temp makes a stronger crust, "sealing" the inside and keeping the moist?

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baking seagull

what if you took a simple pound cake recipe, increased the leavening, then added honey before baking? that could work but im not sure

im just starting to deviate from written recipes

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I think the secret is in the mixing, you should separate the dry ingredients from the wet ones. When each bowl of ingredients is mixed thoroughly, they can be combined. It’s better to do this part by hand rather than a mixer because over-mixing will cause holes where the air bubbles escaped and will make the bread tough.