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Don't rush it!

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Maureen Farndell

Don't rush it!

Don't ever be tempted to shave off a few minutes here and there. So you are in a big rush today......... Then make a decision to bake another day (your starter will keep in the fridge for 2-3 days) or  just be a little late for that not-so-important appointment.

My time this morning was very tight and the bread had to be ready to go by 11am but as I was baking 2 loaves at the same time, I decided to shave a couple of minutes off where I could. 

15 minutes off the proofing stage...... no big deal but there was a lack of maturity in the loaf. It would have been just that little better with the extra time! As I use a little dry yeast booster in my bread, it only takes 2 hours to proof so 15 minutes off that time is a lot!

5 minutes off the 1st stage of baking (lid on)...... NOT a good idea! The bread was cooked right through with a very nice soft and springy crumb. Good looking and lots of yummy olives and rosemary....... but it really needed that extra 5 minutes to develop the crust.

Well live and learn. A wonderful exercise in learning patience....... (Or.... just get up 5 minutes earlier!)

Olive and Rosemary


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to those who wait a long, long time :-)  Patience is another one of the many character attributes required for success in all things.  Your bread looks lovely even with alittle less of it.

Happy Baking

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Maureen Farndell

I made 2 half-size loaves with this batch which worked well. 1 for me and 1 for a friend. The loaves may be smaller but the time and love required remains the same!!!!! A successful outcome even if the crust could have been better.