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New 2 lb Oster Bread maker suggestions

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New 2 lb Oster Bread maker suggestions

Just got it and made a nice loaf of rasin bread. Raisens didn't mix in too good and many were on the bottom of the load. I guess I'll learn by trying. Is there an Oster bread site or is this the site for all the info? Thanks for any help you can share. Ron

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Soak the raisins to plump them up. They are pretty dry out of the package. The plumper raisins are a little more sticky and will hold their position in the middle of the dough better.

I've found I get more consistent loaves from my bread machine if I remove the dough after the last knockdown cycle, knead the raisins into the dough by hand, form dough into a loaf , remove the paddles and return the shaped loaf to the bread machine for final rise and baking.
Most often, I use separate dough and baking cycles. I monitor the proofing (rise) so the dough won't under-rise or over-rise as I run the manual bake cycle at the right time.