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75% WW with SD and little rise

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75% WW with SD and little rise

I was having so much Levain sate I thought I would amp it up a notch and make 4 boules.  Ooh, it is getting wild in Casey's kitchen!  Watch out the flour will be flying.  

The 75% WW boule was not as successful as I had hoped.  Well, I may have done too many folds because the dough was very stiff. The dough may have needed help with a lame as well.  I suppose I am learning as I go.  I may try to lame it next time I make this.  I did a 12 hour retard.  Of course, I could have done a 100% prior to retard in the fridge. The bread tastes nice and the wheat comes through with a hint of sour.  


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Maureen Farndell

Casey your photo is upside down!!!!!!! It must be pretty wild in that kitchen!!!!!!! LOL. Casey I'm presuming that 75% refer's to W(hole)W(heat)??? All my bread is 75% hydration so it is VERY soft and sticky! That is why it works so well in the pot. If I tried a free form I would be able to enter the Olympics discus throw! If the dough feels a bit dry just wet your hands with little water when kneading or stretch/fold. All you need is a few drops.