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Stutzman Farms Flour

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Grandpa Larry

Stutzman Farms Flour

I live in Northeast Ohio, and I recently bought some Stutzman Farms organic Gold n Wheat white bread flour. This is a locally grown and milled product. According to the person at Kent Natural Foods, where I bought it, and also the Stutzman website this is a white flour with the wheat germ added back in.

Dry, it is a slightly golden color, but definitely looks like white flour. When mixed with water it makes a rather dark colored dough, about the color of whole wheat. You can see small specks, which I assume are the germ. when used in recipes that call for white flour,  the flavor is reminiscent of white whole wheat which I'm not crazy about. It is better in whole grain recipes.

Has anyone else on this forum tried this flour and what are your impressions?  I'd hoped to like it.