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Help with scaling.

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Help with scaling.


i want to scale up a recipe and say do one and a half times the amount or double. With the yeast, does that get scaled up in the same way?

For example if the recipe called for 20g of fresh yeast and I wanted to make one and a half times would I use 30g of yeast? And for double the recipe 40g?

my gut tells me, yes, you double for double etc but I just want to check with the experts to be sure before I give it a go. 


Thanks in advance for your help



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This question has been asked and answered previously. I should have searched first and asked after. Sorry guys.

if I knew how to delete the post I would.  

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Not to worry. Sometimes searches give either ambiguous or overwhelming results. I assume that you have found that, yes, recipes can be scaled up or down. Recipes done by weights give much predicable results.