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Pain Au Levain (50% wholegrain)

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Pain Au Levain (50% wholegrain)

Well got sick this weekend and missed the market bake but I had to feed the starter and decided to take the extra and make 2 builds, 1 wheat and 1 white.  I intended on a whole wheat bread but after looking at my inventory of flour I opted to make a loaf I do at my current job with some improvements.  Since I had both builds I just used them in combo for the one bread.  I wasn't quite sure how well this would turn out as it was only the first build off my starter which hadn't been fed in a few days but I proceeded anyway and with great success.  


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Love this bold bake and you are starting to get close to a bread I can eat :-)  Happy baking and get well soon.

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I'm just starting to get to a bread you can eat.  I'd hope that a few of my loaves would get past dabrownman standards.  I'll keep trying.  One day you will want my recipe.  And I will gladly share. 


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I don't eat breads that are less than 50% whole grains which is why my bakes are usually much higher in whole grains.  Your breads are great but we need to get you to the dark whole side eventually :-) 

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I really like your ears and look of the bread.  I would not mind a taste of this.  

Warm Regards, 


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I love your crumb it must be very soft and tasty! Great loaf!

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Great looking bread Josh.  That's a nice looking crust and crumb and must taste great.

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A work of beauty.   And I'm guessing tastes that way too.  -Varda

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Lovely, dark crust. Fantastic crumb. It has to be good. :)