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shop bought

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shop bought

I invited friends for dinner  tonight Friday, I promised them a roast tomato soup and  fresh bread, and followed by a (home brew) guiness  and steak pie with fesh veg from the garden. Anyway we had got to Friday morning and i couldnt see myself getting a chance to knock up a batch of bread at work so i decided to call at a relatively new sourdough bakery in South Fremantle The Wild Bakery on my way to work.

The bakery was open before 8.00am and as i parked the car and walked towards the doorway there was a waft of bread in the air, and could i detect the faint smell of slightly over baked bread a faint smell of burning  any way as i got in the doorway there were a few different loaves to choose from,  i chose the top shelf loaf which had caught a bit of colour but would be nice and crunchy with the soup   


It was lovingly wrapped and taped and handed to me, i had a pocket full of change and was sorting the gold coins from the silver and asked the price,   $12.00   was the reply  which was about half as much again as i was expecting , Oh well perhaps i wont buy a danish for my 2 work colleagues after all.  As luck would have it my trousers were being weighed down with coins so i had enough in small change and was still able to put a couple of dollars back. This had to be my most expensive loaf of bread  ever purchased it will have to be good! 




Once At work i took the loaf to fellow enthusiasts that usually benefit from the free loaves that i hand out from  baking sessions,

We had 3 people that proposed a price of $8.00 which was in line with my thoughts.




 I had to cut it and have a look and a small taste, verdict of my close colleauges not as good as mine, i will have to reserve my opinion till after dinner tonight.

Our dear friends Bob and Joan have just recently clocked up 49 years of marrige together. i have been able to find a wine that we enjoyed greatly in the past, a bottle of 2009 Mudgee Black Shiraz @ $25.00 for the toast , let us hope that this bread has similar qualities.

Fremantle has 2 x recently opened sourdough Bakeries another actually in the city which i briefly had a quick look at but will go and do a proper reconaissonce on it soon.

Just to finish a picture of our 2  cats Tiger and Jess named by the grand daughters, they have Garfield and the 4th brother another ginger cat Harold Holt  is with the mother in law. IF we DO come back in another life  come back as one of my wifes pets,

Brothers in arms showing contentment.

kind regards Derek


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Pretty damned steep, even for hand-made artisan bread. Nice crumb, but I have no doubt I'd share the view of those who preferred your bread, Derek.

I've bought one loaf in the past 5 years, and that was when down in Pemberton for a few days. No decent SD bakeries I could find, so we settled for a Coles SD. I want to moan about how crap it was, but I was surprised to find it wasn't too bad. However, not a patch on my home-baked, and I don't have any sense of ego saying that. I realised soon after graduating off home-baked SD training wheels that if you use quality ingredients and good recipes and techniques, the bread you make at home is really about as good as it gets. And I say that as someone who spent a year in Germany, where the SD breads are superb. I do know what good bread tastes like...and so does anyone who bakes their own and knows what they're doing.

Interesting post, Derek - and good to see you also have a home vege garden. Harvesting your own veges and herbs fresh from the back yard when cooking has to be one of life's great joys. Just like a good pie! (And I bet you'd add home-brew to that list of luvverlies!).


PS: Friday night and just finished dinner accompanied by a few reds - that's my excuse for any extravagance of expression or over-ebullience!

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Hi there Ross, good to hear from you and someone who really does know the value of an Aussie dollar, the bread weighed in at 1.2 kilos so that works out at a cent a gram. As it turned out my friends had to cancel as Bob was not well. The wine will keep for another day the pie will now be dinner Saturday. The soup and bread did for Friday night, both were enjoyed but possibly would have been more so shared with good friends. Anyway it looks like i shall be having some for toast for a day or two.

    You must be gettiing close to your trip to Thailand soon, and my Baking night is coming up on Nov 5th the article should be in the paper  before the end of the month. Many thanks for your help with that, PM me with  your Hols date may be able to squeeze you in  as a guest if the numbers fall between 6 -10.  

Regards Derek

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That is steep. Lovely bread, however.

Thanks for sharing, Derek!