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Recent bakes: Brioche Buns and Sandwich Bread

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Recent bakes: Brioche Buns and Sandwich Bread


We were visiting friends when their daughter asked if I'd show her how to make some burger buns. In her mid-20s, she's a great cook, and knows a bit about baking. So we made these brioche buns to accompany grass-fed organic beef burgers. The fun part was when the buns came out, and looked so pretty, the "student" bakers immediately Tweeted and FB'd and texted the results to their pals.

The sandwich bread is my variation of Ben Chaffee's whole wheat recipe you can find on this site. I use half honey and molasses, add in whole flax seeds, sunflower seeds and wheat berries, when I have 'em. Today's bake used whole wheat flour from Stop & Shop, which I find fairly coarse. The ratio is 5C AP and 3C whole wheat. Always great flavor and texture.

Admiring and Tweeting the brioche!

Today's Whole Wheat sandwich bake