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New Poolish with changes

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New Poolish with changes


I have made a few changes to the KW white poolish.  I did a 10 hour preferment, lowered my yeast to I think 1/4.  I should have written it down.  And, I double bouled my boule.  I think they were a bit tighter.  They did rise higher.  Thank you all!  I did forget to S&F till the last 15-30 minutes prior to proofing.  Oh the lessons! I have to say I love this!  This community is so fantastic.  I appreciate all the feedback and Support!

Warm Regards,



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Lookin' good, Casey. The crumb on this one has improved compared to your last one. More aerated and "fluffy". Keep it up! 


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Yhank you Zita!  I appreciate your detailed compliment.  There are so many variables to baking It helps to know what has improved.

Warm Regards,


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Looks quite tasty and nice bold bake.  I bet the crust is amazing.  Crumb looks great too, maybe you don't need the stretch and fold.  Looks bout perfect to from here. 




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Hi Casey,

Bread look perfect. Pleas forgive a newbie, but where can I find the KW white polish recipe? And who is KW?

- Thomas

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are well on your way,  A couple of S&F's earlier on and none late would probably not hurt it any.  Nice looking bread none the less.

Happy baking

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Here is the 3rd attempt with the white poolish.  The family seems to like this one. 

I must have had white poolish on the brain and instead of KF for Ken Forkish I Typed

KW.  I will cut into this later.  The bread sings so nicely after coming out of the oven.

These rose higher than the others.  Thanks DA and Josh for the compliments. Everyday I am

learning something about the process. The inside of these reminds of the baguettes I desire to make.