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Overnight country blonde ciabatta

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Overnight country blonde ciabatta

I used 1/3 of the Forkish recipe and made a couple of change ups. First, I left the WW flour out of the levain, but kept everything the same. Second, the first 2 KF loaves I proofed in plastic mixing bowls lined with linen. When proofed, the linen was wet and stuck to the loaf. Ken proofs in wicker bannetons and I am going to have to get off of my wallet and order one.

The other change I made was mixing in a larger bowl 12" diameter rather than my usual 9 inch bowl.  I did 4 S&F's in bowl with 20 minutes rest and found it much easier to do the S&F in bowl in the larger container.  It did seem strange having this small lump of dough in the big bowl, but I did seem to get better dough development and KF uses a 12 quart container for his mix.

As has been suggested on this site, I handled the dough as little as possible.  I did 1 gentle letter fold and proofed on bakers parchment on a linen couche.  After an hour, I rolled the loaf over onto another piece of parchment as per PR in ABED and found the dough stuck to the parchment! The nothing sticks to parchment myth just got busted!

Baked it in my Lodge DO covered for 10 minutes and uncovered for another 10 @ 500F convection.

Happy baking! Brian


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Lightly rice flour the parchment or gently put it on the dough before you flip it over.  No sticking.  I get all my baskets at Goodwill for 50 - 75 cents on half price Thursdays. They put beautiful marks on the bread too - ones you can get with commercial and expensive benettons.  Something to think about.

This is some nice bread but a little too thick for me.  i like mine between  1" - 1 1/2"  thick so we can slice in half lengthwise and have the perfect sandwich thickness or right for the panini.   My wife would be slicing the middle third out of your well risen loaf  and then I have to eat it :-)  It is amazing how many smoked meats like some cheese on them and then grilled in a panini :-)  I put the crust facing on the inside so i get 2 crusts on every sandwich since the crests are where it is at when it comes to ciabatta in my book. 

Nice baking Ski!

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I got myself one of those high end Maverick digital thermometers to monitor meat temp in the smoker properly. So I smoked a prime rib steak with hickory until the internal temp was 110F, then finished on the hot grill until 135F was achieved.  Rested for 3 minutes and all I can say is OH MY! This steak was a revelation . . .

Happy eating! Brian

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had to be fantastic.  I have to try that out.  How thick was it?  No bone right?


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. . . bone on prime rib steak about 3/4" thick. Best steak I have had in a while! Try it, you will like it.

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This is a beautiful loaf Brian.  I love the color of the crust and the crumb looks scrumptious.


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is great and well developed. I must work more hard to increase mine. My sourdough is a bit lazy recently and I must work to boost it's power up again to create such beautiful holes like in your bread...

It must taste heavenly

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I like your ciabatta and the crust looks so crunchy!  The crumb is saying eat me!  I am so hungry for cheese and salami in a panini right now, hmmm... Maybe a Cubano sandwhich! 

I have been using KF recipes as well and mixing in a 6 quart bowl out of necessity.  What you said makes sense.  Now, when I get my 12 quart it will not be merely because my dough has to rise to 12 quarts ;) But, it will be because you can S&F more easily, duh!  Oh, yes in my new adventures I have had some baguettes with wet dough perfectly stick to parchment then get scrunched because of my lack of technique in the oven.  I need to invest in industrial gloves.  Great loaves!

Warm Regards,


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How was the flavour profile? Looks like a scrumptious bake.

As Dab mentioned, you can dust your parchment and linen with rice flour to prevent sticking. Truly works. But be careful. Too much rice flour can compromise the mouthfeel of your loaf. In excess, it has an off-putting, drying effect.


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I enjoyed the flavour of this loaf -- a little less sour than KF's OCB by virtue of leaving the WW flour out of the levain build. A pretty nice sandwich loaf!

Happy baking folks!  Brian