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Interior crumb of my poolish boule

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Interior crumb of my poolish boule

This expanded but it has nice crumb.  What do you think? I was so surprised based on the boule expansion. I give up trying to fix this photo.  Sorry for the view!


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The crumb is great! Your loaf did spread out, but it's not that flat. What is your shaping procedure? Do you shape it into a round and place it into the proofing basket?

To get a tighter boule, first shape it into a round and let it rest on the bench, seam side down for 10-15 minutes. During this time, the dough will relax again. Then go back, turn the dough over and re-shape it into a boule. Proof this twice-shaped loaf into a proofing basket seam side up.

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I shaped prior but my ball was loose.  I think you are right!  I did not let it test prior to putting it in the banneton.  Thank you!

Warm Regards,


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The most important part is not to rest, per se, but rather to shape it a second time to make sure the outer gluten sheath is stretched extra tight. Hopefully this makes it more clear: after bulk fermentation,

1. Shape the dough into a boule

2. Let the dough rest, seam side down on the bench for 10-15 minutes.

3. Shape the dough into a boule again, as if you were working with an unshaped mass of dough.

4. Place into the banneton seam side up


You'll notice that after step 2, the boule will relax into a flatter shape. If you did not do another shaping step after this, you'd be left with the flat saucer. That's why the second shaping step is necessary.

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Pre shape then shape again to get the skin tight.  The more liquid the more important this is.  It will help stop the spread but don't forget that you can refrigerate it for half an hour to 45 minutes at 80% proof and then untold.  Way less spread then too.  Getting it in the 500 F oven at 85% proof will also help.

You are almost there.  Your crumb is very nice even though the bread is a little flat.  Just goes to show show you how forgiving bread really is.

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Great crust and crumb development in your bread. Awesome.... Way to go

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Great tips!  I am going to shape my boule again. And try 10 hours instead of twelve since my kitchen runs 5 degrees over the recommended.  This dough is forgiving.  The crumb looks so nice inside.  This was the one my boys were asking for more of.   

I am not sure how to tell 80-85% crumb.

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Great baking! Your boys are well fed on bread like this.

Regards, Brian