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My first Canadian Bread

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My first Canadian Bread

Finally started baking bread in Canada. With the help of Floyd and the suggestions from others on TFL I got some baking supplies and baked a boule on Sunday. Using cups for the first time in a long while but made a dough that feels like a 67% hydration with 25% wholewheat flour.

Thanks Floyd for lending me some equipment!

Got a small bag of red fife flour to try as well.

Here's the dough just after mixing. Was actually intending to get a 70 - 75% hydration dough but probably packed in too much flour for a cup. Would hold back some flour next time.

Bulk ferment almost 8 hours. Did not expect the temperature to get so hot (25C according to the thermostat in my room). Was hoping for a much lower temperature.

Came back to find an overproofed dough.

But the beautiful hike outside more than made up for it!

Baked in a stainless steel pot for 45 mins at 230C. 1st 15mins covered. Reduced to 210 for 30 mins.

And here's the final product and crumb shot.

On a whole not too bad. Definitely had some overproofed flavours but it was a pretty decent first effort. Mild lactic sourness with a light wheaty taste and slight sweetness from the long ferment. Could do with a longer / hotter bake too or maybe it has used up too much sugars already. Will probably try a higher percentage of the red fife flour to get a better feel of its taste. 


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Not bad at all for a first bake in an unfamiliar kitchen.  Glad I could help!