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Finally got a decent rise with a 75% hydration

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Finally got a decent rise with a 75% hydration

These baguettes were not as painful as they had been to make in the past. I handled them less and they did rise better than in the past.  The crumb was okay,no txfarmer style.  But, she has this down to a science.  The boys ate these up.  


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Those look nice.  It took me several attempts before I came close to TxFarmers crumb so keep baking and you will get there!

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I feel like it is 1 step forward and 2 back.  That crumb is amazing that she has. Folding a high hydration baguette is a special skill. I just saw one of your breads it was late at night. You are a skilled baker!

Warm Regards,

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when it comes to baguettes.  Her 100% whole wheat ones are twice as open as my all white flour ones!  Her baguettes are so good that around here she is Emperor Ming the Merciless's daughter; Empress Ying, as her baking is out of this world and alien for mere mortals.

You will quickly sort these baguettes out and possibly become alien yourself :-)

Very well done - you baguettes look tasty!