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Back in the Game

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Laura T.

Back in the Game

I haven't been around on here for a while with my gluten free creations as I've been trying to sort out my health once and for all. After switching to a different medical practice, I have found out that my diagnosis of coeliac disease was not justified and that all my issues were in fact down to something much simpler which can be treated with regular supplements and diet (I already had a healthy diet, but need to incorporate more of certain foods). Whilst I am annoyed and frustrated at having spent so much time, effort and cash and gluten free foods for the last 6 months or so, I am very happy to say:


I'm sure I'll be around a lot more as I get back to proper baking. I even have a bread stall at a craft fair next weekend! Now I just need to re-learn m=some old techniques and try to acquire some new ones...


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Excellent news! I'd be crushed if I couldn't eat "proper" bread again, so I can't help but feel ecstatic for you.

Anyway, I shall look forward to your future bakes.


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Laura T.

Thanks Zita, I am ecstatic haha!

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problem is likely more common than anyoine would think.

Happy baking once again

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Laura T.

I agree! Doctors don't seem very educated on issues of digestion...

Thanks! Looking forward to it. Made a lovely load yesterday :)

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Welcome back!

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Laura T.

Thanks Floyd!

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Congratulations on your positive health change! I  hope you find that your ability to make any kind of bread will have improved with all the GF experience you have had. In my ( to date) brief exposure to making GF bread, I have learned that using starches and getting a nice crumb from a non-gluten flour is an art! It just illustrated for me in wheat based bread the importance of developing the starch-the gluten will take care of itself! Easy!

I am expanding into GF baking because I have several co-workers that either choose not to eat wheat or are actually unable to eat wheat. I wanted to develop recipes and information to help them incorporate GF eating into their kitchens since I am the resident baking expert in the office. So tell me everything you learned before you forget! I loved your posts!


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Laura T.

Thanks! There's a few more posts on what was my guten free blog - about gf baking. I will try to put together a summary of what I learned in my 6 months of being gf, so hopefully others can benefit from it.

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Congrats !   That's great news.  Look forward to reading about your future wheat adventures.

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Laura T.

Thanks :)

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Congrats for getting to the bottom of it and finding out how you can help yourself the best you can, while lessening the constraints.  This is great news.  At least, while you were in your "gluten-free" phase, you helped many people by sharing your findings and recipes. I am grateful for that.  I'll be missing a great source for gluten-free bread making ;)