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Developing the feel

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Developing the feel

Today I tried 2 different doughs to begin understanding the feel of dough.   Well, 75% hydration and I are like mud and gum.  I should video this poor attempt.  I am so visual.  I wish I could watch this recipe on you tube. 

They did have good crumb, but I forgot to use the lame.  The 75% hydration does not hold shape like txfarmer's does in her photos.  I wonder if baking in Hawaii has a higher humidity and I need to increase my flour.?

The regular dough sticks and if I were calculating up numbers I bet it is a higher not quite 75% hydration.  I used extra flour to function.  I did remember to use the lame.  I forgot to add the water on top. I did get a little ear.  

I am doing so many things wrong that I am a book of errors. However, I know if I keep doing this I will learn from it.  I just want the dough to hold some tension.