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80% Sourdough

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John Paisley

80% Sourdough

I've been experimenting with 80% dough lately. I use a no knead process, initially turning the mix every half hour 3 or 4 times. I do an 18 hour cold ferment either as a batch ferment or in a basket after shaping with the stretch and fold method. Though the crumb is nice and open, I haven't been able to get the dough elastic enough to get the  37 oz. loaves  to 'stand up' to my satisfaction.


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the loaves will definitely want the support of bannetons or something similar for the final fermentation.  Since I'm not sure what you intend by "turning the dough", do be sure that it receives a thorough stretching and folding in the process.  You may even want to introduce one or two more stretch and folds to achieve the dough strength you need.

Even so, the loaves are apt to puddle when removed from the bannetons (assuming that these are made primarily with white flour), so a hot stone will be almost a necessity to drive the expansion upward before the loaves spread too much sideways.