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Results of a 75% hydration baguette

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Results of a 75% hydration baguette

I attempted txfarmers tried and true baguette recipe.  I am way above my scope.  However, bread is a spiritual process that truly stretches you to develop your skills both literally and figuratively.

 A three hour recipe began at 1pm took me till 7:40pm.  The recipe was fine.  I realize that for me I read a recipe very literally like walking 1 step at a time In baby steps. This wet dough is a  challenge for my amateur skill set.  Perseverance is my motto in the process of creating A baguette.  

I am looking to develop my ability in artisan bread.  I would like to be able to use my lame accurately to help my dough to rise and release the steam etc.  I would like a good crust and crumb.  I want to see some holes in a pattern. I would like to learn how to handle a high hydration dough with skill.

  As a funny note, I survived a dog attempting to eat my proofing dough, a finger cut by my new lame, melting children, soccer practice, and I have boys. I  think being a mother of boys says it all.


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If that is a picture of your bread, it looks mighty fine.  Scoring baguettes is a skill at which I have not yet achieved any degree of proficiency.  It just takes repetition.  If you have not yet done so, watch this video with Cyril Hitz:

As for handling high hydration dough, that also comes with time and repetition.  Wet hands when stretching and folding, and a plastic scraper to help with shaping are the best simple pieces of advice that I can give.

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grades these an A+ and as good as any I have managed she added too.  Baking apprentices know more than they let on!  I am o glad that I am not smitten with the baguette excellence but glad you are...  you are talented enough to sort them out very quickly... while others are not :-).  Well done..   

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Pongze the link was great!   The lame video was very detailed and visual on real bread with a nice tutorial. Other videos do not have the actual marker to demo.  Thank you!  I had been air laming per another video.

Lucy, I am not exactly smitten but intrigued by the baguette.  And, my kids and neighpbor devour it :).  I had no idea this bread was such a technical feat.  Now, I want to get used to feeling the dough and becoming familiar with it.

 I am a little overwhelmed by the pain Au Levain And hydration doughs.  The boule looks challenging.  I would like to figure out how to add the banneton with those nice indentations on the breaD.

For now, I am a flour, water, salt, and yeast girl.  I hope to add sourdough, wheat, and other add ins as I progress. Thank you so much for such nice compliments and support.  This is a lovely community! 

Kindest Regards,