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Aluminum dough hooks.

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Aluminum dough hooks.

When I was looking up specs for Globe mixers I noticed that they make an optional Stainless Steel, spiral dough hook and got to thinking.

I know dough is only in contact with the mixer hook for a short period of time, but could there be an interaction between some doughs (I'm thinking specifically sourdough) and Aluminum? Could there be another reason for offering a Stainless option?

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No, not really and why would you care if it did?

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If there was a reaction I'd worry that it could create an off taste in any finished product. My sense of taste isn't always the most accurate, hence the question. 

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I should hope there is no reaction.  From loaf pans to cookie sheets, Aluminum is the most common metal used across all bakeware.  Stainless steel lasts a little longer, but it requires a harder manufacturing process (thus a usually higher pricetag).  But anyway, if it's fine for a loaf pan, its definitely fine for a dough hook!

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Probably has to do with sanitation, aluminum doesn't stand up to the alkaline cleansers in commercial dishwashers.  If a bakery uses a dishwasher rather than three compartment sink for washing up it would make sense to choose the stainless hook.


P.S.  Oner eason other than cost aluminum is preferred in many cookware applications is the way heat transfer through aluminum results in more even heat rather than hot spots that are common with stainless steel