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Ankarsrum bread

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Ankarsrum bread

In other news, I've recently become the proud owner of an Ankarsrum Original, AKA Electrolux DLX, mixer. Mike Avery did a great review of it compared to a Kitchenaid or a Bosch mixer a few years back, which really helped me make up my mind when I was first considered an upgrade. I haven't used it enough yet to opine much, but I'll definitely share my impressions as the develop.

My first real test of it was making a batch of Ankarsrum bread, one of the recipes that comes with the mixer.

The dough contains roughly equal amounts of spelt, rye, and wheat flours and a healthy dose of rolled oats and molasses.


I was quite a bit out of my wheat-centric comfort zone on this one but it turned out really well.  Perhaps not beautiful, but quite delicious.

And the mixer passed with flying colors, handling considerably more dough than my entry-level Kitchenaid ever could.  I think, if anything, that is my biggest issue with the mixer so far: this mixer really isn't really meant for small (3-4 cup of flour) batches, so I'll have to scale some of my recipes up. I'll also have to convince a few more of my neighbors that a little gluten in their diet won't kill them, otherwise my freezer is going to be full capacity all winter long. 


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Hi Floyd,

So glad you will be writing about your experience @ KCW. I had to cancel last minute due to family crisis. It would be great if you and some of the other attendees could write about the different classes you took, so those of us who missed it can learn as much as possible :)

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Congrats on a heftier machine!
What's next, bagels?
I went for the Bosch and had the same finding,that the bowl capacity was so much bigger. Also took a little while to get the feel for how it mixes dough, how long to mix and develop.

Happy experimenting!


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I need to track down some non-didactic malt powder here first but, yes! Bagels are high on my list.

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This looks like a mighty machine, Floyd! Congratulations on your choice.

Is the recipe a sourdough or yeasted? Lovely healthy bread, despite the aesthetics... they don't matter much as long as you have the flavor.


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I thought about subbing in sourdough and may do so next time, but the recipe called for commercial yeast with overnight fermentation in the fridge. I stuck with that since it was my first time making a loaf anything like this.

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Congrats on your new toy. Nice looking hearty bread as well.