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Spent grains in Upper Valley (NH or VT)

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Spent grains in Upper Valley (NH or VT)

Hi Folks, 

Moved to the Upper Valley of the Connecticut River, in the Norwich VT / Hanover NH area. Anyone know where I could source some spent grains from a local brewery?



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Postal Grunt

Try talking to the folks at Jasper Murdock's Ale House in Norwich, VT.. They're located in the Norwich Inn. BTW, very good beer and food there.

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Harpoon is just a few exits down I91 in Windsor VT.  Of course that is a big operation, so you might do better to check in at the Norwich Inn, as suggested above, but the pub at Harpoon is worth a visit in any case.  Have you asked anyone at King Arthur?  I would think that the search itself should be quite enjoyable!


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an just toss them in as a soaker.  Or dry them and grind them up,  Toast them until brown with some wheat germ and you have some fine Toadies to add to any recipe,.  Or freeze them when wet to add to any bread down the road as a soaker. You could try feeding them to a levain but they are spent...I thnk toasting them and adding them and grinding them up as a bread flavor enhancer works best,

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I was able to get some spent grains from Jasper Murdock's (left from the "Light Humour" mashing) and used Peter Reinhart's recipe in whole wheat breads -- it turned out very well. Flavor wise, it was incredible. Unfortunately, I overproofed before benching and it didn't have much oven spring. But I would suggest those in the area interested in trying this chat with the good folks at the Norwich Inn. Just make sure you pick up some brews.

On a related note, there is a great opportunity to try bread and beer together at the "Bread and Brew" put on by both King Arthur and the Norwich Inn -- learn about craft beers and artisan bread while enjoying great food! January 24-26 and March 14-16.

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Good Afternoon:

  I read with interest the posting above and I too want to add some grains to my home mills whole-wheat bread.

My Question: We have a new brewery opens just this year in our area and when I visited the place I saw buckets and buckets of spent hops. I did not see any grains but I can ask them. I used this spent hops in my compost but had since stop using it since it seems to bring a lot of maggots!  This spent hops was given away free and I saw a big truck came and haul it away for farm use. I will ask them if they use grains or not.

How fresh does the grains have to be and how soon do I need to use  it? Can I store some of them in freezer and bring it out later to use?   I don't know if  beer  needs grains also in making it or would hops alone can be make into beer.

I am looking forward to try this new approach of making my whole wheat breads.

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'' I don't know if  beer  needs grains also in making it or would hops alone can be make into beer."

Beer needs the grains to ferment...  The hops are used for bittering,flavor and aroma. I have been homebrewing for several years and am new to this bread making thing.  I would like to know more about using the spent grains for making bread too. I usually just dump them in the compost!