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Flour storage and dough storage

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Flour storage and dough storage

Any good reccomendations for a container to store 5 or 10 lbs of four in?


Also would like reccomendations on a tub or container that I can put bread in to proof or store in a fridge for a few days until ready to use.

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I use 6 qt Cambro containers to ferment my dough. I have the ones with the red markings on the side. You can get them in different sizes and in square shape (I wish I had gotten the square..takes up way less room and can stack in fridge more easily.) . If you aren't worried about storing your flour for long periods then they would work also, otherwise you need something that is air tight.c

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Any thoughts on an airtight container?

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Postal Grunt

Check your local Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They have containers that seal reasonably well, are rectangular in shape, and can hold a 10# bag of flour with some room to spare. BB&B often has coupons available for both in store and on line purchases.

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Excellent 40-cup containers, no BPA, airtight lid with handle.  They easily contain 10# of flour.  Snapware has a buy-two get-one free sale.  $14.99 each.

Or, you can get them at Amazon, but for more money.


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I get all of my storage containers at a restaurant supply house.  They always have a large variety of shapes and sizes at reasonable prices, generally lower than the same items sold at standard retail and often better made.

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I would be remiss if I didn't suggest OXO Pops for storing flour - as I am currently consulting for them (on a different topic than baking) and they do let me use their executive kitchen (for baking.)

Due to my proximity to their outlet (under the name "Helen of Troy") in El Paso, TX during the week  (it really is an outlet attached to their "returns" warehouse) and a discount they allow their consultants/employees, I've gotten quite a collection at a very fair price.  I love 'em.  For some folks they might seem pricey, but they look great and work great.

OK, shameless promotion over.  I am not compensated for promoting their products.  I really have a kitchen full of them.

I've got the square Cambro's for dough.  The half size fit neatly into the Brod and Tayor proofer - or in the fridge.  I know some people don't like plastics, but I couldn't do without them.