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Wholemeal Sough Dough Crust lifting

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Wholemeal Sough Dough Crust lifting

Hi - looking for some help. 

On checking this loaf after 15 mins I notice that the top crust is splitting away from the sides.

Can anybody help as to why and what I might do to stop this happening.

I like the end look but would be keen to have some input.


With thanks


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You mean 15 minutes into baking? 

This is probably related to shaping and dough strength. You probably didn't slash your crust, did you? Expanding dough will take the path of least resistance (weakest point), and in your case it's the edge of the crust. 

Underproofing can cause blow-outs as well. 

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Thanks for response. Yes it was 15 mins into baking.

I had not slashed the top so that could well be the answer. I think the loaf was well proved but I not your other comment.

Thanks again