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Name change for gvz to Sam

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Name change for gvz to Sam


It shouldn't matter much, but in case any of my old bread baker friends was wondering, a few months ago Floyd agreed to change my online name to Sam (my name), instead of 'gvz', which was a reference to the pink floyd track of the grand vizier's garden party in ummagumma.    Anyway, I wanted to be me instead of some alias.   So I am Sam.  Nice to meet you.   Maybe some day I will put my picture on here.

After two years of keeping my liquid SD culture fed every day, a year ago, due to various reasons I ended up killing it.    It is sad, but it happened.  Life has been challenging but I'm keeping my chin up and I hope to make some breads again, but maybe without the SD.  




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Sam I Am?

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Nice to see you back.   Hope that times get better for you and looking forward to seeing some of your bread.   -Varda

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Hi, Sam! and welcome back :)

Waiting for your you new contributions.


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Thank you.   I didn't have any SD culture but I went for a simple plain ole white bread.  At the last minute I added a lot of butter and milk, knowing in advance I was changing original hydrations but I didn't care.   I mixed up a straight dough with AP and butter, honey, olive oil, etc.   Very enriched white.   I put the dough into the fridge for several hours but I think it was too cold there.  Anyway, finally I did the rest in a large Pullman pan at room temp, 3lb worth of dough.

Came out great but not sandwich bread as I was hoping for because I put too much fat into it.   I made a 3-lb Brioche by accident.   :-)