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40% whole gran boule with toadies . . .

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40% whole gran boule with toadies . . .

Yesterday was a big day for this old skibum.  I made a trip to the big city and picked up my new Kitchenaide SS fridge to go with the KA SS stove bought in the spring AND stopped the Bass Pro store and bought a Lodge combo cooker for $50, which is WAY easier to load than my 4" deep enameled CA DO, which was taking a bit of a beating doing bread and is my favourite cooking tool, both stove top and oven.  The Lodge CC rocks!

I took yet another page from dabrownman's book in this bake going with 25% whole wheat and 15% organic rye. For 2/3 of the WW I used 1/3 red wheat berries and 1/3 white berries ground in a small coffee grinder I use mostly for grinding spices.  All of the flour and water was autolysed overnight @ 85% hydration.

This was about a 3 day build due to schedule.  Day one feed the starter, let it rise and fall , then into the fridge overnight.  Mix in the am with 4 S&F's with 10 minutes rest and 3 S&F's with 30.  Bulk on the counter for 1:30 the into the fridge for 24 hours.  Pre-shaped, rest 10 min and shaped.  I proofed in a mixing bowl lined with linen dusted with rice flour for an hour, scored and baked in the new Lodge for 20 minutes @ 500F covered, then 10 uncovered @ 450 convection, turning at the half. Crumb shot:

This made a nice bread with a good open crumb, but I still like the flavour profile of my 15% WW, 10% rye and will back down to those numbers next bake and once again use ground wheat berries and toadies.  i also added 1Tbs oil, 1 Tbs honey and 1 Tbs malt syrup and 11/2 tps salt.

The new love in my life:

Now I just need to change out the flooring and my kitchen reno is complete.  It sure is nice to have quality kitchen appliances!

Happy baking!  Brian



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Lovely boule, Skibum! nice work.

Congratulations on your new fridge.


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Things have been coming together for me over the summer.  It is really nice to have the new, larger fridge.

Regards, Brian

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is exceptionally bold and blistered!  The combo cooker will save your CI enameled DO from certain death :-)  Congrats on the new fridge too,  Plenty of room for retarding bread in there!  I think you will notice the toadies in a more white bread as they will stand out more in the crumb flavor wise and visually too.

Ncie baking Brian

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. . . is definitely a step for making bread than the enameled DO.  I will try the toadies in the next French style white bread I make.  I have been heating the DO up in a 500F convection oven for 40 minutes on the pizza stone.  This loaf was pretty dark after 20 minutes when I removed the lid.  I briefly thought about turning the heat down, but I am loving the dark crust and the taste is not bad.

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A baker is born. 

Loaf is awesome but I have one suggestion.  I'd suggest commercially ground grain over using a coffee grinder as it damages the grain.  Maybe one day you'll get your own little mill but for the mean time I think you'll have better results with ground grains done on proper mills.  Keep up the good bakes.  Love the color you got on this loaf. 



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Things are starting to line up for me on the last few bakes and I am LOVING the results from baking in hot cast iron.  I have been spending time watching youtube videos on dough shaping and I think I am finally getting better a pre-shaping, shaping, timing the proof and scoring. I have found a video by Richard Bertinet included in his book bread to be particularly helpful with shaping.

I am getting better with the lame and getting good clean scores and getting them deep enough that the loafs are springing properly.  Anyhow thanks for the encouragement and kind words!  It makes me want to feed my starter and start autolysing flour for my next 3 day loaf.

Regards, Brian