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Welbilt ABM 3100?

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Welbilt ABM 3100?

My husband just brought home a (gently) used Welbilt ABM 3100. I was able to find the instructions online for using it, but wanted to see if anyone out there had experience with this brand/model and had any advice.



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I had this brand of bread machine but a different model. If you have the manual it has all the instructions and tips to make bread using the machine. Not much to go wrong if you follow the instructions.

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I have had one of these for several years.  I just pulled it out again and started making my own bread for breakfast rather than buying english muffins.  So far I've been using a store bought mix and the loaf rises so high it hits the lid.  I'm now wondering what to do to keep it from sticking and causing a headache to get off.  One thing I noticed recently is forget trying to get warm water.  I had a mix that said that and it didn't rise as much.  It's summer and what comes out of the tap is warm enough.