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Rondo tabletop sheeter

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Rondo tabletop sheeter

There's a Rondo reversible tabletop sheeter for sale locally and it's priced at $2250.  Just wondering if others think it's worth it.  It is functional and has a new belt. 

Reason why I am looking is because I am looking to sell viennoiserie at the farmer's market next year.  Right now I make everything by hand.  I also do cake decorating and I think it may be handy for rolling fondant.

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She might just snatch that right up!  ;-)

Sorry, I don't have anything of value to add.


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Locally?  Where locally?  If you don't want it, can I buy it?

I mean that.

The Machines Caplain hand cranked sheeter costs more that that.  I'd say that's a good deal.  If you are doing laminated doughs I would consider that an essential tool.  Once you have it, you will find a lot of uses for it.

I don't do fondant work, but I do know people use sheeters for that.  My only concern would be the texture on the belts - you would need to judge that.

Uh, and let me know if you decide not to buy it.


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Thanks for the input!  I'm going to take a look in person this weekend and decide then.  If I don't make the leap, then I will definitely let you know, proth5.