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No Honey Cake This Year

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No Honey Cake This Year


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Stan - Thank you so much for that wonderful post. Your description of the feelings conjured up by the aromas of your strudel are spot on!  It reminds me of family gatherings of long ago when our relatives from "the old country" were present to make vivid those connections to our past. I have received few, if any, compliments more meaningful than those of my father tasting my apple strudel and declaring that it reminded him of his mother's. 

A very happy and healthy New Year to you and your loved ones. 


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and to you and yours as well.


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make honey cake next year you will miss the strudel.  Always a good thing to miss something as long as you still manage to have something just as good :- Thanks for the story and 'Happy New Year

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Very beautiful strudel and a fine write-up. 

Your description of the rolling up technique sounds like something that is best learned directly from one's grandmother. It's unfortunate so few of us had or took the opportunity, including me. 

I learned to make kreplach from her, but had only stories about the strudel and noodles she made when my mother was young.


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A good apple strudel is hard to beat. Only, perhaps, by an apricot strudel.

The stretchiness of the dough is really magic, I made it a few times (with Dr. Oetker's German Baking as guideline), unfortunately no Jewish or Austrian mother, or grandmother to rely on.

So far, I haven't found anything like a real strudel in the US - only so-called ones.



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Hi Stan,

Thanks so much for sharing.  Loved reading about your strudel making.  I never imagined a strudel was made the way you described.  The dough sounds heavenly - so amazingly thin and to think it is strong enough to with stand being rolled down a tablecloth without tearing.

Loved reading the history of your families too.

Take Care,