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Rosh Hashanah...better late than never !

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Rosh Hashanah...better late than never !

I had several of these ordered so couldn't cut them. I made one more for our cookout tonight. Wonderful family dinner by the pool. The Challah was so tender and slightly sweet with the addition of some extra honey and the golden raisins. 

before glaze:  photo IMG_6511_zpsf324e590.jpg glazed with a mixture of egg yolk/honey/1/2and 1/2:  photo IMG_6512_zpsbe1d2ece.jpg just out of the oven:  photo IMG_6513_zps4fdf911c.jpg crumb:  photo IMG_6514_zpsb7ad0975.jpg


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trailrunner.    I've been making French toast with our left overs.  Glad to see your RH Challah efforts pay off so well.

Happy New Year,

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Tis the season.   The crust came out such a beautiful golden brown.   -Varda

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Not even a crumb left DB  ! It was a 1 1/2 # loaf. We didn't even save a slice for my chef son who had to work !!  I had to pull out a loaf of buttermilk bread to make sure he had a treat too :) 

Varda the touch of honey in the glaze is what did it ....will cont. to do that.....first time in over 30yrs of making challah that I have tried it . Nice to learn something new. Your Challot were so pretty too . c

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Beautiful... !!! Lovely braiding.