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Puffy Pita

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Puffy Pita

Here is a pic of my Pita I baked this morning. I was very happy with them as they all puffed up. I used the Olive Oil Dough recipe from the ABin5 no knead method made last night, and baked them on quarry tiles at 500deg this morning. I will be eating them with Falafel and tzatziki sauce, olives, Feta Cheese and stuffed grape leaves later.


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Your menu and pita.

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No fine pita like that should be eaten without a side of hummus to dip it in!  All of it looks gerat.

Happy baking.  

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Kitchen Barbarian

How long do your pita last?  Hours, a couple of days?

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I use what I need for that day or the next and freeze whatever is left for all my breads.