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Farmer's Market Week 14 (50% Whole Grain Levain)

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Farmer's Market Week 14 (50% Whole Grain Levain)

Been a busy month with the new business coming together, vacation, and the daily grind.  Missed a couple markets and I'm back.  Only 11 more markets left if my math is right.  Ran into some temperature issues and hit a ceiling of whole grain for retarding in form again.  Fortunately the bread came out quite nice and tastes great.  I'm trying to come up with a few variations of levains that are relatively simple and can be used as daily bread.  Then I'll have a variety to offer at the shop.  I want to stress improvisation in my business.  Why have a set schedule of breads when it can be ever changing and always exciting for both the customer and myself.  

Moving on.

For 2 875 g boules

Levain: (DDT 78F 3-5 hours pending room temps)

100 g      White Starter (100%)

100 g      Whole Wheat, freshly milled

68.5 g     H20


Final Dough:


450 g     Malted Bread Flour (11.5 %)

150 g     Whole Wheat

166.6g   Whole Spelt Flour

41 g       Whole Rye, freshly milled

16..5 g   Barley Flour

21 g       Salt

639 g     H20


What I did.

Autolyse 1 hour

Add salt and levain and mix until fully developed. 

Bulk Ferment 3 hours (2 french slaps at :30 and :60

                                     2 s + f             at 1:30 and 2:00

Divide at 875 g and preshape 

rest 20 minutes

shape into flour bowls and retard for 8-12 hours

Bake 500 with steam for 15 minutes

lower to 460 and continue baking 235-30 minutes more rotating as needed.


--Changes I'd imply

First off my dough came out warm @82F and moved faster than I'd have liked and the dough would have appreciated 1 more s + f abut I had to get it shaped before it was over fermented.  

I think this dough would work much better mixed.  The 4 stretch and folds at 15 minutes and then retard overnight.  Then divide, shape, proof and bake at room temperature.

If a more sour flavor is desired simply decrease the seed starter in 1/2 and replace with equal parts flour and water in the final dough.  Then the levain will take 8-12 hours.  


Happy Baking



Artichokes, tomatoes, corn, Italian Herb Mix, Local honey, Red D'anjou Pears, Peaches, grapes, watermelon, fennel, brocolli, goat ricotta, and broccoli 


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very fine bread Josh.  Love the bold bake, blistered crust and open crumb for a bread of this much whole grain.   This bread would make a fine every day bread for sandwiches. and would sell well.

I agree with you about having a varied an changing menu of bread for sale.  The customers will, love it and you won't get bored.   There are at least 1,000 different breads you can make for sale and that would be scratching the surface.

Good luck with your new venture Josh.

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Thanks dab.  Appreciate the kind words

Hope all goes well


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as always.   Did you just start a new business?   I stepped away from TFL for awhile, and now I need to catch up.    Love the idea of spontaneous baking.   Of course a lot needs to be planned out but it seems there is room within that for a bit of change-up.   11 more weeks?   Around here it is more like 4.   Great haul you got there.   Those tomatoes look fantastic.  -Varda

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Beautiful breads, Josh. What a trophy of vegetables to take home!

The lovely bread that you took a crumb shot of, was it sold? do you sell halves and quarters of your loaves?


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Last week of market here is the week before Thanksgiving.  I live in a land where everything you need to live and then some is grown and/or produced.  A new business is in the works. I sinned and made a really quick and simple tomato sauce from the tomatoes to go with some ricotta gnocchi.  It was fantastic.  

The bread I cut for a picture becomes my loaf for the weekend.  I do think I'll make some large miche in the future that I can sell in smaller increments.  I currently don't have large proofing baskets to do so.