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Two 40 hour SD loaves . . .

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Two 40 hour SD loaves . . .

. . . once again a boule and a batard.  After 5 days away I fed my starter 1:1:1 using about 10% organic rye and strong bread flour for the feeding.  My mother must have liked seeing dad back as she more than doubled and fell back within 4 hours, so it was into the fridge to mix the next day.

For the batard I went to 75% hydration using an overnight autolyse of the flour and water doing 4 sets of S&F's with 10 minutes rest followed by 3 more S&F's with 30 minutes rest.  After an hour of bulk on the counter into the fridge for 18 - 20 hours of retarding.  After an hours rest this morning, I pre-shaped, shaped, proofed for 35 minutes and baked @ 500F for 8 minutes with steam, then 450 convection with steam removed for another 12 minutes, turning often.  I got a good deep score with the lame and the oven spring on this loaf was enormous!  I wish I had before photo.

 The boule was prepared side by side the batard using the same method.  For the boule, I used 15% organic rye and 10% whole wheat and went 85% hydration autolysing the flours and water overnight.

For both loaves I used 20% of recently fed and vigorous starter, adding it to the autolysed flours, mixing well and then adding salt after about 20 minutes.  To the boule I added 1Tbs oil and 11/2 Tbs honey.  Next time I will add 'toadies.'

The boule was proofed in a linen lined bowl and at 85% kind of flopped flat when I turned it out.  This was baked in a hot DO though and with the sides supported also achieved amazing spring.  I baked in a covered DO @ 500F for 20 minutes, then uncovered for 10 @ 450F convection turning once.

And the boule in some lunch action today:

Roast chicken, bacon, Hungarian salami and tomato make a fine sandwich!  Very satisfying bread.

Here is a shot of Takakaw Falls in Yoho National Park in BC.  The falls is 258 meters high and is easily accessible by vehicle and about 11/2 hours drive from my home in Canmore.

Happy baking folks!  Brian





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Nice bake, Brian!  And thanks for sharing the picture of the waterfall.


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I am continually inspired by the baking I see posted on this site!

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Yeah, those look great.  A vigorous starter indeed!

Beautiful falls, too! We didn't make it to any of the eastern parts of the province yet, but are hoping to next spring or summer.

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. . . for offering us this outstanding site!  My baking skills have taken off since finding TFL a year and a half or so ago.

Happy baking!  Brian

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And love the falls. I didn't realize you live in Canmore !! I rode right through there on my bike ride we rode the 1A Bow Valley Trail....such an amazing area.On to Banff and down the Rockies.  


You got amazing spring on your loaves. When you autolyse is it at room temp or in the fridge ? Happy baking . c

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. . . batard using cold water and in the fridge aka txfarmer and her 36 hour baguettes.  The boule I auto'd on the counter as it had rye and ww added.  I will do a before pic next bake as the oven spring really was big today.  As another poster suggested, one has to get all aspects right mix, develop, bulk, pre-shape, shape and proof to the right stage to get great results.  My scoring is improving with each bake and my scores were 1/2 - 3/4" today and we got spring!  Apparently my starter likes 5 days between feedings . . .

The Bow Valley Trail is a great ride!

Regards, Brian

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Lovely bread and marvellous scenery.  I was just downstream from those falls, at Emerald Lake, at the beginning of August.

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I wish I could afford to stay at Emerald Lake -- a most beautiful spot and a fine lodge!  Oh well I can park my travel trailer at some pretty lovely spots in the mountains and camp in comfort -- too old for tents and bags on the ground these days.

Labour day @ around 6 pm:

Now at 9 am the next morning, Kicking Horse campground in Yoho, Nat. Park:

This is a truly great area.  One can nearly access the spot the waterfall photo was taken in a wheelchair or if you are vigorous, the Iceline trail across the valley is in MVHO one of the finest hiking trails in the Canadian Mountain Parks!

Happy baking!  Brian


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We visited the falls in 2005, before I needed a wheelchair, as this latest stay at EL was our 4th.  I like the look of your trailer - certainly preferable to sleeping on the ground - and could be persuaded to rent an RV or trailer one trip but I'm not sure that I could manage with all the attendant campsite duties.  But you are quite correct, it is a very beautiful area AND your bread baking has come on really well.  I wish that I could make batards like yours.

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best breads to date no doubt!  Just fabulous in every way - inside and out.  Next time to make sure and put 20 g of Toadies int eh White bread too just so you can get the real effect of the flavor change.  Putting it in breads that have more whole grains can mask the flavor somewhat.  They will also show u int eh crumb of the white bread in a beautiful way too,  Well doe!

A great waterfall to watch as you eat a picnic lunch.  I like your sandwich too.  Great to see how folks eat their bread.

Happy baking

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. . . are the 2 best loaves I have EVER baked!  Since I have figured out dabrownman's SD process, my results have taken off.  I would once again like to shout out a very BIG THANKS for your very clear and lucid description of your process and methods of work!!!!!!  I would also like to thank you for your constant encouragement from early days, enjoy your very pretty apprentice Lucy and loved your Meat Week post.  Once again, I am hungry and I just ate!

Boy oh boy, homemade smoked pastrami on that fabulous Tzitzel rye -- oh my.  I will take grainy mustard AND hot mustard on mine Dman.

These loaves likely took closer to 44 hours before hitting the oven, but in the slow SD process, who cares?  With the ability to fridge retard, you can pretty much fit your actual oven bake into your work schedule.

I have mom out of the fridge to feed for another bake.  I am going to go higher % WW and whole grain overall, add some toadies (!!!) and perhaps also soak some wheat berries overnight.  You are leading me down the path to bread flavour town brother!  So far it has been a fun and tasty journey and you inspire me with each post of your fabulous bakes!!

Many thanks and best regards, Brian

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You've come a long way in short time ski bum.  That's some fine lookin bread.  I particularly like the boldly baked loaf.  



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. . .the pieces of the bread puzzle seem to be falling in to place for me.  Oh well another day, another bake AND loving the results, which is what we are all after, after all!

Thanks again josh!!!

Happy baking, Brian

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Beautiful breads.  I envy you 'traveling home' too.   I can't complain as I live in a really beautiful spot - Foot of the Rocky Mountains less than 10 minutes away.  I have a lovely view of them at the end of my block which includes lovely sunsets.  I am spoiled but my home has no wheels…

Interesting comment on your care of your starter.  I remember MiniOven commenting on how she thought treating her starters a bit roughly actually made them stronger….at least that is how I interpreters what she wrote….I could be wrong.  ANyway, I bake daily so my leaven gets 2 feeds a day at room temp. and then the 'excess' gets put into the refrig. overnight to 'age'.  I have had great success with this method.  It does seem to perk things up a bit.  Not sure why so I don't mess with it.  Works for me and fits my schedule so this is how it is going to be :)

One of the great things about bread is that even when things are 'off' a bit - the resulting loaves are usually still very tasty.  Yours look beautiful as well as tasty!

Go for the ww.  That is all I bake with and it works great!  People keep coming back for more :)

THanks for the lovely photos and the post.

Take Care,


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. . . a batch I mixed up this morning 25% WW, 15% organic rye and some toasted wheat germ for toadies. I will let this retard at least overnight.

Happy baking, Brian