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Satan's Sourdough ;)

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Satan's Sourdough ;)

I wanted to do a brown sourdough loaf with beer in it. So I took a bottle of "Duvel", a Flemish beer with 8,5 vol% alcohol (330 ml)."Duivel" or "Duvel" means Satan in Dutch.

For a batard and a smaller boule I needed about 1750 grams of dough.

11% whole rye flour
60% whole wheat flour
29% wheat flour
2% salt
70% liquid (which ended up being almost 1:1 beer:water)

Calculated how much of all ingredients I needed for required dough weight.
112 grams whole rye flour
610 grams whole wheat flour
295 grams wheat flour
20 grams of salt
662 grams of liquid

I replaced 50 grams of wheat flour and 50 grams of water from this with sourdough culture.

Last night I mixed 100 grams of sourdough with 330 grams of whole wheat flour and 1 bottle of Duvel
I also mixed in another bowl 280 grams of whole wheat flour, 112 grams of whole rye flour and 332 grams of water.

Next morning mixed it all together along with the wheat flour and the salt. Kneaded with dough hooks after 15 minute autolyse.
Then proofed for 2,5 hours with S&F twice. Then shaped into a 1kg ball and 750 gram ball. Let rest for couple of minutes. Then shaped smaller one into ball again and put in banneton. Larger ball as batard, also in banneton. Towel on top, bit of water sprayed.
After 2,5 hours they were turned, scored and baked at 230 C for about 35 minutes for the larger one and 30 minutes for the smaller one.

They taste very nice!


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a very good bread! 


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tasting bread that is far from Satan I am sure,  Happy baking

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Very nice bake! 


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I love beer with sourdough and yours sounds and looks great.

Were you able to taste the beer in the final bake?

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Thanks for the comments; You can indeed taste the beer in the bread! Had some dinner guests last night, and I served the bread with some cream cheese with garlic and herbs. Nice combination!

Thought this bread might also do well with some cheese fondue.